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Tactics, Techniques, Procedures

Looking back at the last few years in airsoft, there has been a growth in the use of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). This can be attributed to the numerous event hosts ramping up the immersion and scenario objectives. That pushes the players to be much more into the scenario given, and the players are doing their homework to be prepared going into an event. Granted, no one is a Sun Zu, but the use of battledrills, fieldcraft (individual tasks), troop leading procedures, and pre combat checks stood out over the last 2 years at the TCA events. We will be covering some TTPs that we have observed that have worked well, Use of Snipers/Spotters, tasked with a Focus of Reconnaissanc

Mentoring and Building the Player Base

In order for our sport/hobby to grow, we have to bring in interested players in. Not into teams per say, but into the sport/community. Those crossing over from airsoft into MILSIM (yes, there is a difference), are following a natural progression, wanting more in terms of scenario, weapons manipulation, and applying teamwork/tactics. Those coming fresh without ever having tried airsoft or MILSIM, see the replica weapons and kit, and want to see what they are potentially missing out on. As a Military Veteran, I first looked at the sport with some prejudice, and after a replica demonstration and talking with TCA Vets (Mike Govan and Coach), while waiting for my two sons to get done with Stonebr

When a Team does well it shows

(Editor's note: Building off our previous post about teams disappearing, this is a great example of the opposite, a community that applied proper growth, scheduling, training, and recruiting) RM--Our team is a true mix of young and old, civilian and Veteran, we share a common thread, which is that we love the strategy of the sport, other people we roll with at events like us on their side, because we follow orders. We ensure that anyone running with us knows the bigger picture and how we fit in. The day was hot, quit a few had quit and stayed back. The 18 of us had moved fairly tactically, two columns spread out with about 75 feet in between the columns, and 5-10 feet in between shooters.

Building a Team

Plenty of times we have seen teams start up, run their course, and then disappear. The question players ask themselves is "what happened?" The answer usually boils down to one of four reasons, 1) Team never got together for events 2) There was never any teamwork 3) Practice? Who needed it? 4) Team got too damn big too fast, leading to issues Taking each one of these and looking at them helps to better craft a team that is going to last. 1) Team never got together for events Often a group of players bands together locally because they see the value of running as an element against other teams and players. And ultimately they want to venture out to outside their community events, but life gets

Mission Command and Command Post Ops In MILSIM

One of the challenges faced in large MILSIM airsoft events is managing and directing large numbers of forces in order to accomplish assigned missions. Knowing where your forces are on the field, what they are doing (or not able to do), and being able to relay orders/reports to your forces are critical to success. It isn't glamorous work being in the Command Staff running a Command Post or Tactical Operation Center (TAC/TOC), but players appreciate solid leaders that can put them where they can do the most good. Good, known, Flexible Plans are better than Detailed Ones Too many times the saying "Plans go out the door once the first shot is fired," but that is an excuse for not doing plannin

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