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Getting into the mode of a Third Coast Airsoft Event

(Editor's Note, appreciate the write from our wayward Army Veteran, Ram, he hosted a TCA event for his community over the Holiday Break, partially to get some exposed to what a MILSIM event can be, and prep others for their first TCA event, BONESTRIKE coming this February 2020. TCA photos are used to highlight his comments. Without further or do.....we turn it over to Ram. Happy New Year!) We had "iffy" weather forecasted, so to really plan ahead and make a large scale announcement of an event really was not going to work. The players in the quad state area (TX, OK, ARK, LA) that were invited wanted to get away from regular team deathmatch and speedball style along with using more milsim rules. Using the TCA ruleset in order to get practice on what would be used at Bonestrike and also get players interested in what could be in play at a MILSIM event, the elders (guys/and a gal that have been in airsoft a good while), set up a set of scenarios at a friend's property. With a few of the experienced players acting as OPFOR and others serving as Squad Leaders and a Platoon leader, we planned on executing a mini milsim.

Our "squads" would be two six man sets, and a 3 man weapons squad with a M60, 1 HPA 60mm mortar, and 1x60mm mortar (a custom TAGGIN shell firing build that is TCA approved). The 4 person OPFOR would be "Eastern" armed, with 1 RPK, 1 M320/TAGGIN, 3x AK Riflemen.

First Mission

The HPA 60mm Mortar could launch Enola Gaye Smoke grenades, with the 60mm TAGGIN Mortar dropping TAGGIN Arcangels/Reapers from high angle. The mission was simple, attack from the "LZ" crossing the land bridge to secure an intersection known as OBJ RICE. Our drone had spotted an RPK position north of the storage shed, north of RICE and 2 enemy troops behind the shed. Unknown to us, was the enemy scout overwatching the land bridge.

Not rushing into contact is important at times.

We moved our first squad up to the bridge, making contact with both the discovered enemy scout and the long range RPK fire from the previously identified position. Our lead squad initially attemped to fight it all versus using all the assets available. Immediate action was to suppress the enemy scout, seek better cover along the land bridge, and then get the second squad to move out of contact quickly to flank the scout and possibly take the OBJ. ITS ALL ABOUT MISSION AND OBJECTIVE FOCUS. This phrase was repeated multiple times (we did run this mission twice before the lesson took). Using our mortar section, we dropped two smoke rounds in the vicinity of the enemy scout and OBJ RICE, and the second mortar dropped TAGGIN rounds on the RPK, eliminating the position.

Our second squad moved fast, but focused on the enemy scout rather than push beyond and take OBJ RICE. But they confirmed that the enemy scout had been eliminated. Quick communication was used to get the first squad to seize fire and avoid shooting at 2d squad (something that took a little long, but avoided friendly fire). The Squad leader pushed his squad to spread out and avoid bunching up (again, multiple tries at this mission, got the lesson realized). The two OPFOR initiated a counter attack from behind the shed, using a 40mm grenade and rifle fire. 2nd Squad took 50% losses, but managed to suppress the counterattackers movement. 1st Squad finished treating their casualties and then pushed forward to support 2d Squad. The machine gunner from the weapons squad shifted his fire to support the bridge crossing.

Again, 2d Squad had to remind itself that it wasn't fighting alone. To buy time, the squad radio-ed back to the weapons squad and asked for (and got) very accurate mortar support. It didn't have to kill the OPFOR, merely get them to leave cover, exposing themselves to 2d Squad's fire (also saving BBs in the attempt to suppress or prevent the OPFOR's movement). Once both squads were back up to strength (using ACE bandages and TCA tourniquets), the squads covered each other's movement forward to seize OBJ RICE.

Shoot AND Move, a great combo

Lessons Realized: We ran the mission 4 times, with the first two times being rough (not making mission). The next 2 evolutions after a guided lessons learned, got us to where everyone came away with the following: -Take time to take in what's in front of you - Mission Focus, what are you tasked to achieve, don't squirrel off or get distracted - You are part of a bigger force, don't fight the fight the opposing side wants (squad on squad) - Use everything available to you (mortars, smoke, grenades, machine guns) - Shoot AND Move, you are not going to make mission sitting still. - Buddy first aid, regenerate that combat power, wounded guys are out of the fight until you heal them

One could say, we didn't work on CQB or room clearing, but being that most of our players haven't played in a MILSIM event, giving them an experience that allowed them to "discover" lessons learned crucial to success was the goal. And it was fun. -Ram

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