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  •  No walk-on photographers are allowed.

  • Photographers must register for the event (message us if you need help), go through event registration and attend a safety briefing.

  • There is a fee (we have to pay the venue and insurance per person on the field).

Photographers must be in one of the following uniforms:

UN Reporter 

  • Black/blue/grey pants and a white or lightly colored shirt (nothing red or brightly colored).

  • Blue hat or helmet.

  • Plate carrier with PRESS markings required. Can move anywhere on the field. (Black or Blue PC recommended)

  • Cannot be shot (penalty points will be accessed).

  • Recommended for those wanting to capture the entire event.

  • No permanent dead rags. Nothing red or brightly colored. If you are not prepared to be shot you do not belong on the field.

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