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Getting back to the Basics

It's great to get back to small unit tactics and maneuver. Sure, large scale strategy and operational maneuver is great, but to touch back on the sharp point, where your fireteam and individual actions make a difference during a fight is something that really gets you fired up about the hobby/sport. At Centurion MILSIM's event, Charlie Mike, Airsoft Junkiez & Third Coast ran a fireteam size element with the FARIS Guerrillas, executing as part of an insurgency. Yes, an insurgency, it wasn't always direct action, sometimes we had to contact a local to gain information, set checkpoints and stop vehicles, conduct tactical recon of a location, protest at a political rally, secure a meeting sit

Third Coast Units and Roles

Some of the most common questions the staff receives from new to 3rd Coast players, "What are these units?" "Why limit the number of roles" "What gives with the different classes?" I'll break down the units here, The Rifle Companies ABLE, BAKER, EASY for the Western Forces, and CHAOS, DAGGER, and FIGHT Companies for the Eastern Empire. These are the building blocks for each side. These guys are the grunts, the backbone for the epic MILSIM battles. Each company has anywhere from 2-4 platoons of 25-40 shooters each (depending how their chain of command organizes them for the event). Each platoon has 2-3 squads. In the real military, there is a set number of Support Weapons like light machine

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