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Recommended MILSIM Kit for Third Coast Airsoft

We are often asked by players as an event is coming up or often at the local fields the staff play at, what loadout on kit we would recommend. What would be good gear, what would be considered critical kit. Below is a short list of what we recommend: 1) 7 magazines, an Odin Speedloader

2) Two tourniquets, and 2 red dead rags, red light

3) pistol (with pistol leash, unless you are ok with losing it)

4) 3 pistol mags

5) water source

6) Map, compass, red and black sharpies

7) weapon, with mounted flashlight

8) Comfortable shoes/boots, bring 2 pairs of socks (change in between rounds, it is the foundation that your body moves on)

9) gloves

10) low profile, full seal, clear or yellow, eye pro with retention strap

11) uniform top and bottom

12) undershirts, change between round (prevents chaffing)

13) base team color wind breaker or cold weather top

14) Helmet or headgear, side faction colors

15) lower face pro (recommended)

16) tactical snackage

17) radio, if you are a rifleman, its for listening for situational awareness

18) frags on your kit, smoke in the pack (99% of the time, if you need smoke, there will be time you can dig for it, never the case with a frag)

19) D-ring, so you can snaplink your spent rifle mags by the come-alongs OR a dump pouch

This is a short list, but it is based on experience, and you can add additional recommendations. Always try to inform newer players as their interest in MILSIM grows.


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