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Building a Team

Team Sgt organizing a HLZ defense

Plenty of times we have seen teams start up, run their course, and then disappear.

The question players ask themselves is "what happened?"

The answer usually boils down to one of four reasons,

1) Team never got together for events

2) There was never any teamwork

3) Practice? Who needed it?

4) Team got too damn big too fast, leading to issues

Taking each one of these and looking at them helps to better craft a team that is going to last.

Teams working together at Dragon Rogue II

1) Team never got together for events

Often a group of players bands together locally because they see the value of running as an element against other teams and players. And ultimately they want to venture out to outside their community events, but life gets in the way, the best way to avoid this is look forward long range on the calendar, most good host post up their events at least 90 days (3 months) out. With some of the best hosts publishing a 6-12 month calendar (granted it is subject to change). Local hosts do an op regularly (for example every 3rd sunday). Talk to each other and pick a date. That helps greatly in team establishment, now that doesn't stop members from playing every weekend, but mandatory events are scheduled in advance.

ODA 205 in the defense at Starburst IV

2) There was never any teamwork

Getting together off field is a big piece of the team. Military Veterans have a common bond that extends well after service, an airsoft team has to have a common thread as well. Did the team come together to help each other in times of personal need? Are there other non airsoft social events that the team members see each other at? Take a hard look at who is being brought in to the team, they have to have the same interests on and off field.

3) Practice? We don't need it? Chances are your team is getting smashed at events, each event should teach you something about the next one. And then find the time to train/practice, good teams do it, granted it doesn't stop you from occasionally getting your butts handed to you, but at least the team is growing.

4) Team got too big too fast, leading to issues. Those issues like, having 2-3 main members supporting the others with kit, guns, and bbs. Or team members not really wanting to invest the time in becoming a proficient team. Hey it great that you have a full 12 man squad, but how many show up on scheduled days? How many have their own gun/kit? How many can afford to go to that scheduled event? Have a couple of players that don't call their hits, or have attitude on field? Going back to the top 3 causes for teams to disappear, if taken into consideration, will make this one a non-issue.

Once a team considers these 4 causes, it can then address more in building a team (composition, roles, common kit/gun) When it all comes together during execution, a team can look back and take pride in its effort.

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