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Operations Summary for Operation Dragon Rogue 5 Weather: Some light rain initially, but cleared by step off. Tempuratures were considered perfect for extended operations. Enemy: JLF Dragon Force estimate was between 600-750 (actual OPFOR Force was 27 total, 750 death cards were given to multiply total numbers, divided up by phase and Objectives). Friendly Forces: ABLE Company (64 total, divided into 3 platoons), CHAOS Company (68 total, divided in 3 platoons). Mission Planning/Preparation: The Joint Task Force Leaders and support staff built a terrain model in order to communicate the scheme of maneuver to leaders and players. Major thanks to CHAOS 6, Freddy Flux, who provided a battle board

Troop Leading Procedures and MILSIM

The Army has procedures for leading troops at the tactical level. The Army calls them—not surprisingly—troop leading procedures (TLP). When you follow them, you increase the likelihood of accomplishing your mission and minimizing casualties/losses. In our upcoming events, Dragon Rogue V and Crossfire 3, the use of these TLPs will aid in mission accomplishment. 8 Step Troop Leading Procedures (In relation to MILSIM) 1. Receive the mission 2. Issue a warning order 3. Make a tentative plan 4. Start necessary movement 5. Reconnoiter 6. Complete the plan 7. Issue the complete order 8. Rehearse/Supervise/Refine Step 1: Receive the mission Receiving the mission from your Higher may not a

Stonebreaker 2018

The last four years have seen a series of epic battles in the long war between the Western Coalition and Eastern Empire. 2015 saw Western Forces take victories at STORM EAST, DRAGON ROGUE 1 & 2, and STONEBREAKER. Their partners, the Allied Forces, took a victory at STARBURST VII. 2016 saw a shift with the Eastern Imperials winning victories at DRAGON ROGUE 3, BROKEN DAGGER, and SERIOUS VIKING. The Eastern's partners in Texas, the KFORCEs, won the 8th annual STARBURST. Western Troops managed a solid victory at STONEBREAKER 2016 and 2017. Eastern Empire bounced back with wins at Dragon Rogue 4, Broken Dagger 2 and Trench Knife. The Western Coalition achieved a victory at Bone Strike but barely

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