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When a Team does well it shows

(Editor's note: Building off our previous post about teams disappearing, this is a great example of the opposite, a community that applied proper growth, scheduling, training, and recruiting) RM--Our team is a true mix of young and old, civilian and Veteran, we share a common thread, which is that we love the strategy of the sport, other people we roll with at events like us on their side, because we follow orders. We ensure that anyone running with us knows the bigger picture and how we fit in.

The day was hot, quit a few had quit and stayed back. The 18 of us had moved fairly tactically, two columns spread out with about 75 feet in between the columns, and 5-10 feet in between shooters. Our objective was to secure a ridgeline so that North/South movement on the field would be restricted. The ridge was being held by at least 2 machine guns (1 RPK, 1 M60) and about 4 riflemen. The rest of the opposing force was focused on striking through the West boundary towards one of the main Blue Force camps (our Force CO was sure he could hold with a 1 to 1 advantage). If we could take the ridgeline, we would cut off the supply line to that attack.

Dodger, our left side lead squad leader, called back to me on the radio, hoping that the OPFOR would have gotten bored with their mission and left the ridge to join the attack. I responded that would be unlikely being that the OPFOR had been using a UAV to spot our movements throughout the day (another advantage the OPFOR had put to good use). The forces had been fairly even 45-39, but the younger players had caught on to the strategy of the bigger picture. We had started the morning putting a 12 man force on the ridgeline, but they didn’t stop to hold it and attempt to drive towards the enemy base (something that meant nothing in winning). The small 3 man sniper team that had remained, fought hard until they went black on ammo and fell back (they provided intel on the OPFOR’s direction as they came over the ridgeline, a major plus versus just dying in place).

Our “Platoon” was divided in 4 “Squads” 1st was led by Dodger with 6 total, 2d was led by Rush with 4 (all HPA), 3d was led by Tim with 5 (one SAW), and the HQ Squad was led by myself with 3 (one M203, 1 P*, 1 M60). The initial plan was to approach the ridgeline in those parallel columns until contact was made, then deploy into two online sections, rushing the hillside in a mass formation, bounding by Squad (big thanks to Arroyo for the tactical advice). We kept our eyes and ears to the sky for that UAV, so far nothing. I checked in with Razor 6, our Force CO, everything was going well on the defense, his plan was to switch to an offense once we were in place on the ridgeline (signaled by the use of a whistle). “Dead” OPFOR had been rolling back down the west dirt road out of sight from us (which was good for us).

Dodger spotted one of the MG positions, threw a yellow smoke grenade which landed about 5 feet from the MG position, and his squad deployed under fire on line, with Rush coming out on his left (now having to overlook the west dirt road. We deployed out and online, engaging the rightside MG and eliminating two riflemen who had sprinted towards the Dodger’s and Rush’s squad. We had to move fast up the slope before OPFOR reinforcements could show. Rush’s Squad pushed up and eliminated the MG on our left and was on top of the ridgeline, taking no losses.

Our platoon quickly execute consolidation and reorganization (C&R), Dodger's squad was low on ammunition after expending quite a bit of ammunition deploying under fire. Rush's guys were surprising well on ammunition, taking the majority of the enemy under fire with semi auto fire. 3rd Squad led by Tim moved up quickly with the HQ element and set up the center of the line. Rush's SQD, Tim's SQD, HQ, and Dodger's SQD were all set online at the top of the ridgeline, all of us had a great view of the west dirt road which led to a smaller hill, behind which was the enemy's Casualty Collection Point or respawn. Our issue now was to keep a lookout, reload mags, establish hasty defense positions (yes, we do that, pulling security while a battle buddy gathers cover/concealment), and HQ attempted to radio Razor 6, but got nothing. Arroyo decided to send back a runner, Smiley, to get the word back to Razor. A runner for us, carries a radio, and moves back to the next best ground, and tries to reach higher, and if that doesn't happen, he runs all the way back .

We started to observe more "dead" enemy walking back to their CCP, and we remained low to the ground, not wanting them to spot all of us on this good ground. They took the winding dirt road out of sight, and we spotted our first counterattack of the afternoon. A group of 7 walking in a cluster, coming down the road, Arroyo, decided to take them under fire with just our MGs and 203, using our rifles only if some didn't get hit outright or tried to come towards the ridgeline from the road. The opening burst got 3 of the 7, with the other 4 trying to "assault" us from the cover of the dirt road embankment. The 4 attempted to rush forward into the treeline, but taken down quickly by Tim's shooters. The whole time on that was less than 5 minutes. With deadrags up in the air, they walked back to the CCP, and would no doubt relay what might have killed them. With their report and those that we took out getting on the ridge, we knew the next counterattack would be larger.

Smiley came up after making contact with Razor 5, the defense of the Blue Camp hadn't gone too bad, Red Force, was now pinned down and couldn't move forward or back. Razor 5 was now in charge, with 6 having to respawn. Razor 5 told Arroyo thru Smiley, to hold the ridgeline for as long as possible. Arroyo, called the Squad leaders in, relayed the news, and Tim, Rush, and Dodger briefed the squads. Everyone placed a spare mag out in front of them, piled some more leaves and sticks in front, and waited. It was going to be an epic afternoon.

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