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TCA Magazine Back Issues

Recently longtime players of Third Coast have asked about our magazine and where to find back issues, not a problem, we collected them up in one spot for players to download, Our first story posted, was about Starburst 2009, mentioned in Tactical Airsoft Review Magazine,

We then followed with our own magazine, with issue 1 in Summer of 2010, explaining what and why TCA was started, In Spring of 2011, we covered our events, talking SKURGE I and II, In Fall of 2011, Doc Govan was honored as our Player of The Year, for doing so much to grow the sport in Texas.

A mid Winter 2011-2012 issue covered the end of the year's events,

The Spring 2012 issue covered our 2012 Commando Challenge and team interviews,

Summer 2012 reviewed Starburst IV and discussed tactics,

Fulda Gap was the focus the Fall 2012 Issue, Bulldog was the Fall 2013 Issue, Spring 2014 Issue was focus on tactics, Fall 2015 covered our events,

As we find some of our "Lost" issues, we will post an update.

Thanks Players for making TCA successfull.

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