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Iron Fury

A lot of questions came after we posted the banner with Iron Fury. What will this be? What can players expect?

What It Will Be?

To maximize the full use of the GTI facilities, we are departing from our normal force on force, phased format. What does that change? It brings much more of a mission directed focus with each side being given an assigned set of tasks to attempt to accomplish. As these missions are either accomplished or not met, it causes the overall event scenario to alter during execution.

What can players expect?

Players can expect a diverse range of mission sets, from establishing defensive positions and having to hold them, to going on the offense and having to work with actual helicopter support. To conduct a large frontline defense against an enemy force reinforced by vehicles, indirect fires (notional Close Air Support, Artillery, AND TAGGIN delivered mortar fires), to conducting penetrating raids on special operations developed targets. This won't be force on force timed rounds (phases), but operational phases where reconnaissance and scout work combined with supporting operations will allow for either success or failure.

How does the AO (The epic Government Training Institute) support the operation? For those that have been there before, you know how dynamic the AO already is when comes to our events. Force on Force kept everyone's head on a swivel, but it also left some areas that would have been awesome in the fight sometimes left out due to Casualty Collection Point locations, parking lot concerns, and the requirements for a large maneuver box. With Iron Fury, your CCPs for each mission can be/will be mission dependent, so player involvement is crucial. You just can't walk up from the parking lot and expect to sling plastic. We plan to use ALL of the GTI property, which is far larger than most know, additionally, we are working with them to design additional locations, or satellite locations for each side to have to ground convoy to or air assault to.

What else is new to this? Sal and other staff hinted at expanding Commando/Special Operations Forces activities, and they will make a debut at Iron Fury. For those that remember Riptide and the original Stonebreaker, interaction with tribes, disgruntled locals, and others made the difference. Could CDO/SOF make some friends out of the locals, and potentially co-op them into providing help? Or provide guides through minefields on a unguarded flank?

Working with the locals might help

It's a whole new world that players are going to have to operate in. Operational phases will increase in number (Currently we have 4 Phases, or Rounds/Evolutions as some call them), allowing for more action. And yes, there will be more night time operations, don't fret though, as Sal has said before, armies did fight at night without using NODs. TIER 1 Missions will still occur, just on Friday nights and possibly another time, separate from the main event.

What doesn't change Our medic/aide rules will remain the same, along with our Joule/Player roles. Operational Phases will remain, allowing for players to take breaks, eat, reload, charge batteries, and head off to sleep. TIER1s will still be there.

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