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Designated Marksmen and Snipers at TCA Events

Snipers at Dragon Rogue II getting it done.

Snipers and Designated Marksmen (DMRs) have a place on the Third Coast Airsoft MILSIM Battlefield. Their ability to reach out beyond the normal reach of Riflemen and SMGs, along with the precision versus the volume of fire brought by the Support Role, can shape a particular engagement. If the Sniper/DMR is in a concealed position, they can relay information/intelligence to their side, as well as eliminate threats or particular targets (more on that later).

Starburst III, DMR ranging out to delay enemy

Sniper vs DMR In TCA, the Sniper Role comes down to a bolt action build (although we have allowed unique builds like a semi auto Barrett with a delayed electronic trigger meant to simulate the recoil effect of a .50 BMG). The safety FPS/Joule is 3.6J for Snipers (Bolt Action) with a 100ft MED.

Snipers as a general rule, should usually work with a spotter (rifleman), someone who can cover the range inside the Sniper's MED. TCA Staff have seen a solid three man team with a sniper, a LMG, and a rifleman do amazing work on the field, creating a "kill zone" that would have taken an entire squad of riflemen to accomplish. Snipers and their spotter can cover ground fast, moving to a good vantage point, radio-ing back information and if needed engage priority targets to delay or deny for a short time ground or movement for the enemy. If a commander has an open flank, the use of a Sniper team can cover that flank, enabling the commander to mass forces elsewhere. In short, a Sniper can cover distance with their range, and if concealed, drop a target causing an impact to the enemy. Designated Marksmen (DMRs) In TCA, DMRs have a role as well, the engagement/safety rules are 2.16J for Semi Auto DMR with a 75ft MED. The DMR's role is to supply accurate fire on enemy targets at ranges with an airsoft replica rifle capable of semi-automatic fire equipped with a telescopic sight (and if built on a 5.56 replica, bipod as well). Like snipers, DMs are trained in quick and precise shooting, but unlike the more specialized "true" sniper, they are an intrinsic part of an infantry fireteam/squad and intended to lay down accurate rapid fire at valuable targets as needed, thus extending the reach of the fireteam/squad.

These teammates can provide longer reach than the support role at the fireteam and squad level. And if the replica is setup properly, cause attrition to the enemy enabling most of the squad or team to maneuver or move, allowing for mass against a threat.

The MK 12 SPR

Now, why does TCA have requirements for what is a DMR build? Simple, ease of recognition by both players and Staff concerning rules/safety. Otherwise an M4 replica with just a scope would cause drama. Do we prefer 7.62 replica builds for DMRs, yes, but some of the Military Veterans on the Staff also have experience with the MK 12 SPR, M27 IAR, and M16A4s, and do not want to exclude proven platforms. Additionally, this is MILSIM, and the ability for players to recognize a threat system means something.

A DMR/Sniper Team at Starburst

Why does TCA limit the number of Snipers and DMRs in the "line" companies (Able, Baker, Easy, Chaos, Dagger, Fight)? Because in real units, there is a set number of specialty roles,

Hopefully this sheds some information on the subject of DMRs and Snipers in Third Coast Airsoft.

Trigger at BOAZ during Starburst IX

Sniper Team practicing target hand over
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