Uniform rules identify different forces and provide a better experience.

  •  Remain in the proper uniform for your side.

  • Uniforms must match the base color of your side.

  • Cold weather clothing must also be the same base color of your side.

  • Shirts are not optional for uniform tops, bottoms must be pants.

  • Headgear will be side color specific. Camouflage or Solid colors authorized. NO BLACK HEADGEAR.

  • Gear color does not matter. (I.e. plate carrier, pouches, etc.)

Western Forces:  Able, Baker, Easy Co. etc. : See info graphic below. Tan headgear is acceptable

Task Force Darby: ACUs only, tan headgear is acceptable

Task Force Ripper: Desert Digital/NSW AOR 1 Only, tan headgear is acceptable

SOF:  Desert Tiger/3 Color Desert, tan headgear is acceptable

Eastern Empire (Chaos, Dagger, Fight Co. etc.) See info graphic below. Green headgear is acceptable 

Royal Rifles: Woodland Digital/NSW AOR 2 Only, green headgear is acceptable

KFORCE Airborne Regiment: MC Tropic or German Flecktarn Only. . Green headgear is acceptable

KFORCE Commando: British DPM or  Jungle Tiger Only. Green headgear is acceptable

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