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Third Coast Units and Roles

Photo by Rage Custom Airsoft

Some of the most common questions the staff receives from new to 3rd Coast players, "What are these units?" "Why limit the number of roles" "What gives with the different classes?"

I'll break down the units here, The Rifle Companies ABLE, BAKER, EASY for the Western Forces, and CHAOS, DAGGER, and FIGHT Companies for the Eastern Empire. These are the building blocks for each side. These guys are the grunts, the backbone for the epic MILSIM battles. Each company has anywhere from 2-4 platoons of 25-40 shooters each (depending how their chain of command organizes them for the event). Each platoon has 2-3 squads. In the real military, there is a set number of Support Weapons like light machine guns and DMR/Snipers, so we replicate it here as well (more on the roles below).

The Special Units For Western, Task Force Darby, Task Force Ripper, and the Special Operations Group, and for the Eastern Empire, the Airborne Regiment, the Royal Rifle Regiment and the KFORCE Commandos.

These special units are limited in number, 24 for SOS/Commandos, and 40 for Airborne/Darby/Ripper/Royals. These elements have specific camo pattern uniform requirements that player must meet. The trade off is that these elements have no limitations on the weapon roles they can run (meaning they can run as a DMR carrying an MP7 should they want to hump the weight), additionally, for the 3rd Coast events that have a Recon/Airborne Phase, these players take the field forward, and are capable of being tasked by their Force Commanders to attempt to accomplish battlefield shaping for the main forces.

Having unique camo patterns should also help players report what enemy is to their front, and possibly clue them in on what these guys are doing. Players can also expect multiple different weapons being used against them if they recognize they are in contact with SOF, Commandos, Royals, Darby, Ripper, Airborne. Some player leadership will put these guys to work as they generally deploy forward at the start of some of the phases. The drawback is they are no where near the CCPs and will be careful in terms of taking "KIAs" (players that cannot be medic-ed back in). The forward start is a critical part of their nature, along with being smaller in force number that say a line rifle company.

Photo by Rage Custom Airsoft

The Player Roles The limited number of different specialty roles forces players to run as a team due to each weapon class having an advantage. The rifleman is the best balanced player on the field, but limited to semi auto. The submachine gun role, having being limited to 300 FPS/1 Joule, is allowed full auto indoors and outdoors, but has less range than all others (being that in real life, a SMG shoots a pistol caliber round and does have less range), the support gunner can lay down suppressing fires with his/her light machine gun or SAW with a higher FPS/Joule limit (and MED), but cannot go full auto indoors. And last, the DMR/Sniper class can provide long distance precision fires with its higher FPS/J limits. Hopefully this helps answer some of the common questions that players might have.

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