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OCTOBER 18-20 2024
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Third Coast Airsoft returns to closed Prison Hospital Complex and the surrounding area in Milledgeville, Georgia. West and East slug it out MILSIM airsoft style at an amazing AO that offers all types of terrain.

There is no camping allowed at CROSS BONES, but there are several campgrounds and camping areas in the vicinity that are a short drive to the field.

CROSS BONES is mission driven, objectives and orders are given prior to the start of the Mission Windows, players need to be on time and committed to MISSION ACCOMPLISHMENT. JSOTF (Darby, Ripper, 13th SOF) and Special Group (Airborne, Commando, Royals) have a 15 minute recon phase with some of the missions. This enables those special units to development the intelligence picture for their commands. Some missions will require units to be forward deployed in order to execute a defense of a key objective. BONE CRUSHER is force on force, fighting over terrain objectives, CROSS BONES is different because it gives a specific scenario and terrain per mission for each side to fight to achieve.

Ensure you select the proper unit ticket, no side or unit switching is allowed. And once tickets are sold out, that is it.

See all rules and requirements at

1200 Gate opens for Sponsors/Vendors reg and setup,
1400 Limited Chrono/Check in (Safety/SITREP Briefs at 1415, 1445, 1515, 1545, 1615, 1645, 1715, 1745)
1945 TIER 1 Execution
2145 TIER 1 AAR and Tab Award

0700 Check In and Crono Opens, (Safety Briefs at 0715, 0745, 0815, 0845, 0900, 0930)
1000 Crono Closes
1015 Formation
1045 stage at start points, Mission 1 Reconnaissance Phase (JSOTF and Special Group Only)
1100 Mission 1 Startex
1300 End Mission 1
1415 Mission 2 Reconnaissance Phase
1430 Mission 2 Startex
1600 End Mission 2
1700 Mission 3
1830 Mission 3 Ends
1930 Phase 4
2100 Phase 4 ends

0730 Chrono Opens for spot checking and those needing
0830 Formation/Short SITREP Brief
0845 Mission 5 Recon Phase (JSOTF and SPEC Grp only)
0900 Mission 5 Startex
1000 End Mission 5
1100 Begin Mission 6
1200 End Mission 6
1245 Raffle and Closing Ceremony
1330 Field Closes, players/non support mission staff depart

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