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Third Coast Tier 1 Missions

Tier 1 Planning at Stonebreaker II

Third Coast Tier One Missions are lane based training exercises to teach platoon-size and smaller units on one or more collective tasks. Like all training, the goal of a Tier One is to ensure players, leaders, and squads become tactically proficient and technically competent.

During the Tier One players receive a five-paragraph operation order for their following mission, and then go into the next three phases of the Tier One.

The first phase is the Planning phase where leaders go over the mission. The second phase is the Rehearsal phase where each leader does a quick walk thru with their soldiers over the mission, and receive any special training that would help support the mission (Call for Fire, First Aid, and Demo).

The last phase would be the Execution phase where the unit moves out and execute their mission. In Tier One missions, players get the chance at a simulated real-life situation of what some of the Armed Forces go through while in training or being in contact. Players will have and be trained on the use of explosives, movement to contact, and react to contact battle drills.

The missions will be stressful, and will keep you on your toes. Tier One missions consist of Search and Rescue, Route Clearance, HVT raids, Bomb Defusal, Move to Contacts, Near and Far Ambushes, Tactical Air Strikes employment, IED/VBIED identification/reaction, Tactical Insertions, and much more.

At the end of each Tier One there is a After Action Review, with the players discussing how the mission went, areas for improvement and how Third Coast can make TIER 1s better for you the player. Post AAR, the Staff conducts a quick patching ceremony, were each player receives a Tier One tab to show they have completed a Tier One operation.

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