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On to Trench Knife at Camp Shelby

The count down is on to Operation Trench Knife at Camp Shelby, Mississippi, 10-12 November 2017. Sides are firming up for a large fight over a broad, expansive area of operations. A good mix of urban and wooded MILSIM action.


The Western Alliance, flush with their latest victory at Serious Viking 2, are moving with confidence, hoping to fight to win at Shelby. Eastern, tempered with a narrow loss at Viking 2, are preparing for their offensive in the Shelby Valley.

The MILSIM Battlefield will require both sides to establish support nodes in order to sustain their operations. 5 Forward Casualty Collection Point locations are up for choosing, with each side looking to establish 2 forward CCPs. Both sides will emplace 2 mortar firing points on the field (enabling Artillery fires), along with an Ammunition Supply Point. Last, each side will have their Command Post which enables the calling in of Close Air Support.

Tier 1s are in the process of being planned by Coach and Kraut, and will be epic. There will 2 iterations on Friday night for players to choose from, and 1 on Saturday night.

Forward Operating Base Barracks slots are offered, providing a hard stand building to sleep in, with players just bringing sleep gear, a cot/inflatable mattress. Players will able to stage their vehicles down by the CACTF Command Post prior to startex but will not be able to camp there. RVs and Campers can be set up at the FOB at no charge, but there is no hook ups available. The FOB also has latrines and showers. Airsoft Junkiez will be vending at the FOB and at the CP down by the MOUT Site.

Cargo vehicles will be supporting the movement of troops for both sides, moving live players to forward locations and "dead" players to the CCPs. Every player will receive a player pack (map, dead rag, and swag) along with an event patch. Get your ticket!!!

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