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Before the start of each Evolution, orders are communicated to each side. Force commanders will direct troops at either Platoon or Squad strength to achieve objectives. Objectives, once met will result in victory points. Victory points will total over the course of the event determining the winner.


Force and Company Commanders will coordinate amongst themselves to determine the best strategy

to achieve the overall victory. Crucial to this is the maintenance of OBJECTIVE FOCUS.

Platoons down to the individual rifleman must know the victory conditions necessary for winning. This isn’t deathmatch, no one will care how many of the enemy a rifleman has taken out if it achieves nothing in the way of victory points.



Uniform rules identify different forces and provide a better experience.

A. Remain in the proper uniform for your side.
B. Uniforms must match the base color of your side.
C. Cold weather clothing must also be the same base color of your side.
D. Shirts are not optional for uniform tops, bottoms must be pants.
E. Headgear will be side color specific. Camouflage or Solid colors authorized. NO BLACK/RED/GREY HEADGEAR.
F. Gear color does not matter.
g.  Face coverings can any color except red/orange

Photographer rules

A reminder about photographers at all TCA events.... No walk-on photographers are allowed. Photographers must register for the event (message us if you need help), go through event registration and attend a safety briefing. There is a fee (we have to pay the venue and insurance per person on the field). Photographers must be in one of the following uniforms:

UN Reporter 
- Black/blue/grey pants and a white or lightly colored shirt (nothing red or brightly colored). Blue hat or helmet. Black or blue plate carrier with PRESS markings required. Can move anywhere on the field. Cannot be shot (penalty points will be accessed). Recommended for those wanting to capture the entire event.

No permanent dead rags. Nothing red or brightly colored. If you are not prepared to be shot you do not belong on the field.


Our MilSim Scenario events focus each side to fight over key terrain and accomplish TST Missions (Time Sensitive Target Mission). 

  • Points are awarded based on the count provided by digital terrain beacons set up at key terrain points.

  • These beacons can change sides many times throughout the Phase but it’s the total time possessed by each side at each beacon at the end of Phase that counts for your side.

  • Any TST FRAGOs during the Phase, if completed, award additional points.

    • FRAGOs  will have conditions that must be met in order to earn either full or half credit.

  • Total number of points earned after each Phase, minus rule violation penalties, will determine which side is victorious.


• All players must have FULL SEALING ballistic proof eye protection (ANSI Z Rated) as a minimum at

all times on the field: masks, mouth guards, balaclava, are highly recommended. (Regular

Prescription glasses used as eye pro is not authorized). NO MESH EYE PRO IS ALLOWED PERIOD.

• Lower face pro is mandatory for those under 18, (examples: mesh mask, iron face, paintball mask,

mouth guard) and recommended for all players 18 and older.

• Red Dead Rags are required for daytime, at night either a Red chem light or red light for night and

dark areas.

• Simulated Airstrikes have a 50 foot kill radius, artillery strikes 20 foot kill radius

• Simulated Mortar Strikes have a 25 Foot kill radius

o Commanders will have limited about of mortar/hellfire missile strikes that they can call in to

disrupt enemy movement.

• Grenades- within a10 ft kill radius: must have a sound or effect. When thrown in a single Room all players

in room are dead. 10ft radius is counted from where the grenade stopped moving. This applies to

TAG rounds as well. (MUST DETONATE)

• MIDCAPs Only

o Players may run with an unlimited number of MIDCAPs, (no drums for non-support


o This makes LMG/GPMGs that much more important on the field.

• A support weapon, LMG, or GPMG is defined as: An airsoft replica can only be classified as a

Support Weapon if it accurately resembles a True Support Weapon such as the SAW, PKM, M240,

Vulcan, MG36, etc (Grandfathered replicas of BARs, M27 IAR (must be true to actual weapon, and

RPK are included). If you have specific questions or additions to this list please contact event


o Support Weapons are the only replicas that are allowed to use a “Box” Magazine at this

event. Winding, electric or spring loaded magazines are all acceptable.

o Normal Midcaps are not

restricted for Support Weapons.

• Weapons of Supports and Sniper Classes must be of true class. An M4 is not a Sniper. An AK with a

box mag is not a Support gun.

o Support/Snipers may carry a secondary rifle or PDW or pistol so as long as it is within

Rifleman limits.

• NO FULL AUTO INDOORS, unless you are SMG class, semi only. (Example inside the same structure shooting at someone inside the same structure). Support weapons with a selector switch and within rifleman FPS/Joules

can engage semi indoors.


Weapon Roles and Rules of Engagement



  • Standard AEG or HPA replica weapon. Includes any service rifle replicas such as an M4, AR, AK, AUG, SCAR, HK416, Galil, L85, etc.

  • Semi-auto only at all times.

  • Mid-cap only.



  • A magazine fed, fully automatic replica carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges.

  • Includes the MP40, M1A1, M3, Uzi, MP5, MAC 10, P90, MP7, etc.

  • Full auto always allowed.

  • Mid-cap only.


Support Weapon:

  • A replica weapon used to give infantry squads or sections a portable source of fully automatic firepower. Includes the M60, Stoner, M27, RPK, L86, HK417, G&G LMG, M27, Minimi, Krytac LMG, etc.:

  • Full auto allowed outdoors (must be select fire on semi to shoot indoors to indoors)

  • Box or winding mags allowed. (BRUNO, BREN, BAR are grandfathered in)

  • Must have a bipod if a non BELT FED REPLICA (RPK, M27)




  • Unlike sniper rifles, DMRs are always semi-automatic replica rifles. Preferable to have a replica that holds a 7.62 sized magazine. Includes the HK417, M27, SR-25, G3, M14 EBR, Mk 12 SPR, M16A4, SVD, etc.

  • Semi-auto only.

  • Mid-cap only.

  • Must have a magnified optic and a bipod.


Bolt Action Sniper:

  • A long range, precision replica rifle with a bolt action

  • Includes the M40, M24, Barrett, CheyTac, etc.

  • Bolt-action / Semi-auto only.

  • Mid-cap only.

  • Must have a magnified optic and a bipod



  • Any standard semi-auto and / or revolver replica can be used as a secondary side arm.

  • Full-auto pistol can only be used in semi-auto. (Unless you are in Specialty unit)

  • All non blow back pistols must be chronoed.


TCA uses joules for all weapons, only two primary replicas and 1 pistol are allowed per visit at crono. You can crono additional, just head back to the line with the additional replicas (limit remains unchanged).



  • 1.55 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG

  • 0ft MED



  • 1.00 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG

  • 0ft MED



  • 1.55 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG

  • 0ft MED


Support / LMG:

  • 1.86 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG


  • 50ft MED



  • 2.1 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and AEG

  • 75ft MED


Bolt Action Sniper:

  • 3.6 joules

  • .32-gram BB – HPA / GAS and SPRING

  • 100ft MED


Joule limits for events are hard and non-negotiable, ZERO EXEMPTIONS.

*Although TCA chronos with .32-gram BBs, the weapon must maintain joules regardless of the BB weight


Joule creep

  • The common misconception is that joule creep is made up or only applies to HPA rifles.

  • Joule creep is the effect when a heavier weight bb has more energy than a lighter bb. Etc.: player's rifle shoots 1.55J with a .32 (323 FPS) and 1.76J with a .36 (324 FPS)

  • A heavier BB takes longer to start moving therefore can gather more energy before leaving the barrel.

  • The belief that AEGs cannot joule creep is incorrect. A player can use an over volume barrel to cylinder to achieve joule creep.

Gas blowback rifles (GBBR) function very similar to HPA regarding volume of air. GBBRs are very easy to joule creep. It is critical to chronograph GBBRs correctly. The player must allow us to use our BBs. The player cannot be chronographed with they own BBs.


Special notes

  • Because LMG’s use box mags it is difficult for the player to use our BBs. When an LMG chronographed the player must have an empty box mag.

  • Novritsch Full Thrust kit permitted. The chronograph must be changed to 6.44mm and .58g.

  • 8mm biodegradable BBs are permitted. The chronograph must be changed to 8mm and the corresponding weight of the BB.

  • All staff and sponsored players must chrono. They are not exempt from any chrono rule.

  • The AS Val is an integrally suppressed assault rifle, not consider a SMG.

  • The Tippmann M4 and Systema PTW (and clones) will have tapper seals on the receivers.

Airsoft innovations “Master Mike” and “40 Mike” have 30ft MED.



1. All operators are expected to follow the "Code of Conduct"

2. CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, you will be ejected from the event with no refund for repeat

offenders. Penalties will be assessed for the entire side based on the individual’s actions.

3. This event requires plastic BIO BBS only.

4. All operators must use hard lens type goggle or glasses that have a tight seal around the face and

retention strap (must be ANSI Z rated) with no gaps bigger than a pencil eraser. Players younger

than 18 must wear full face protection (iron mask, mesh half mask and eye pro, full mask).


5. Joule limits for this event are hard and non-negotiable, ZERO EXEMPTIONS

6. All hits to the operator's body count as a kill, including web gear

7. Gun hits do not count, so as long as it is the weapon in the hands of the shooter

8. When you are hit you will die in-place, call out loud “HIT”, display RED DEAD RAG (or in dark

areas/night Red light) and act as if you have been fatally shot and remain motionless for 5 minutes.


9. After the bleed out (5 minutes), you will place a red rag on your head, put your gun over your head

or on your shoulder with one hand in the air and them move away from the combat area to the

Casualty Collection Point (respawn area).

10. Dead men do not talk to live operators

11. Dead men do not talk on the radio, not even to say "I'm dead"

12. There is absolutely no shooting at anyone within the minimum safe engagement distance MED

established for your weapon.

13. If any operators have any disputes, they are expected to resolve them in a gentleman-like manner.

We do not yell out for others to call their hits, the correct response is “check” or “ref check” TO


14. Indoors all weapons must be on semi (indoor to indoor shots in the same building)

15. Electronic Warfare (ie jamming, listening in) IS NOT ALLOWED.

16. Reloading magazines may be done anywhere on the field, so keep bags/speed loaders handy

17. Penalties for players not acting in accordance with the ruleset will cost their side objective points.

18. Frequent violators will be told to leave, with photo being posted on social media.

19. The use of TAGIN 40mm rounds is authorized. Hand tossed flash/smoke grenades only. Nerf/Vortex

Rockets must be fired from a launcher and are only used for anti-armor purposes, requiring a direct

hit. 40mm TAG rounds which explode are lethal to vehicles if they detonate within 10 feet, hand

grenades must detonate within 10 feet of the vehicle in order to kill.

20. Friendly Fire counts.

21. When deploying smoke, pull ring, wait for smoke to shoot out then throw.

Detailed HIT Rules

1. When hit, sound off vocally, you will place a red rag on your head.

2. Hits to any part of your body count as a kill.

3. Hits to any part of your tactical gear or equipment, such as ammo bags, canteen, and pouches, etc.

also count as a kill.

4. Rounds that snap vegetation and continue on to hit you count as a kill. (ricochets do not apply)

5. Hits to the gun you are holding do not count as a kill.

Medic Rules

1. When you are hit, yell out “HIT!” loudly, then you must take out and display your Dead Rag (any

bright RED cloth), and either sit down or lay down (DO NOT REMAIN STANDING) to stay out of the


2. Wait for a medic to arrive, or you may return to respawn after waiting a mandatory 5 minutes.

While waiting, you may not move, shoot or talk with exception for calling “MEDIC!”

3. MEDICS: All players are able to heal other players. Each player will Carry 2 Bandages on them.

Once a player is hit the player has a 5 minute bleed out. If another player reaches the hit player

before 5 minutes he is to take one bandage and tie or wrap it around the player arms or legs. A

player can be medic-ed 2 times. When the player is hit the 3rd time they will wait their 5 minute

bleed out and return to the nearest respawn.

4. They can be moved to cover by 1 friendly teammate. Everyone will be carrying 2 bandages (rolled

ACE bandage, MSW bandage, Third Coast Tourniquet or white nylon), when hit, pull your dead rag,

yell/scream hit, call for a medic/corpsman/mom, then anyone on your side can run over, pull one

of your bandages out, tie it around your arm, and at that time, put your dead rag up, get back in

the fight. You get hit again, repeat the process.

5. Take note: Road apples are not apples, there will be a test later.

6. The third time, wait 5 minutes, then off to respawn, at the respawn, take your bandages off, repack

them, then get back into the fight. (THERE IS NO AUTOMATIC HEAD OFF TO RESPAWN, YOU MUST


Civilians: Violations of the Geneva Convention (killing of civilians) will result in deduction of Objective


• However, if civilians are wounded and treated, no points will be deducted.

• No physical contact between role players, and members of opposite team. Notional searching of

dead players and civilians is allowed when a player is 1 foot away from the individual and

announces “you are being searched” at which time the searched player will give intel if on their


Air/Artillery Support

• Close Air Support/JDAM strikes: Precise close air support with a 50 ft kill radius (Players wounded in

these strikes can be healed if it is their 1st or 2d hit)

• Artillery strikes: 20ft kill radius (Players wounded in these strikes can be healed if it is their 1st or 2d


• Commanders will have limited amount of artillery/JDAM strikes that they can call in to disrupt

enemy movement. Commanders can contact their Fire Support on the Command NET for use.

• They will relay the grid of the requested strike to the ADMIN/FIREMARKER and a simulator will be

set off near that location, with enemy (or friendly) casualties being assessed.



Vehicle Rules

• The use of TAGIN 40mm rounds is authorized. Hand tossed flash/smoke grenades only. Nerf/Vortex Rockets must be fired from a launcher and are only used for anti-armor purposes, requiring a direct hit. 40mm TAG rounds which explode are lethal to vehicles if they detonate within 10 feet, hand grenades must detonate within 10 ft of the vehicle in order to kill.

In Third Coast Airsoft, 

VEHICLES There are several factors leading to the evolution of vehicles used in airsoft: players getting more serious about their investment in airsoft, the increased availability of surplus military vehicles, the AO sizes getting larger and larger, etc…. It is important to remember that Milsim airsoft is a tribute to the infantryman. Vehicles should never dominate a game – they should only enhance it.


Ground Vehicles o Must be a faithful representation of an actual military vehicle or technical (no Hobo-tanks).
o Must be approved by Senior TCA Staff prior to the event (include photos)
o 10mph limit on all roads, must be in first gear only
o 5mph limit off-road (where allowed) and within 50 ft of players
o Lights must be on for night/low-light maneuvers and brake lights must be operational
o All drivers must be 18 years of age, all drivers must also possess a valid drivers license
o Vehicles must have proof of liability insurance (PLUPs are acceptable but require proof) sent to staff along with vehicle photos for inspection
o All vehicles must have a vehicle commander that will ground-guide the vehicle when backing up (even under fire) and supervise the loading and unloading of passengers (even under fire)
o All vehicles must have a fire extinguisher
o All vehicles with a cab entry higher than 4 feet off the ground will require the vehicle driver and VC to wear hard head protection (a helmet) as they will enter and exit the vehicle without assistance.
o All vehicles must be equipped with a 2ft X 2 ft red flag on a pole or antenna to designate a hit.
o 3 violations and you are parked for the remainder of the event. First strike – parked for 1 hour. Second strike – parked for an evolution. Third strike – parked for the weekend. Grab your rifle – you are walking.

o Types of vehicles are allowed: Typically a HUMVEE or modified Jeep, pickup or ATV (no station-wagons) 1 mounted gun allowed (must stay mounted) Vehicle must have a 3 man crew: Driver, VC and Gunner (exceptions made for photographers and staff) Crew cannot dismount the vehicle to capture objectives Only the Gunner and VC can fire their weapons.
     o Vehicle-Mounted Weapons: A replica weapon typically mounted on a vehicle to provide a portable source of fully automatic firepower. Includes the M240, MK 19, M2, M3, Minigun, M60, RPK, Minimi, etc…. 1.86 joules .32 gram BB 50ft MED Full auto allowed Box mags allowed All regulators will be zip tied and sealed with tamper tape. (Which we provide) Vehicle Commander can fire their weapon from their station, no others may do so. Must move in coordination with an infantry squad If hit, all occupants are dead. Vehicle and occupants must bleed out for 5 minutes and return to CCP/AA at the speed limit
     - No mounted weapon, vehicle must have a two man crew (driver and TC/VC). Allowed 1 security shooter in addition to the Vehicle Commander. Carried troops (dismounts) can dismount and change OBJs.

o Can be destroyed with a grenade detonating (it must detonate) within 10 ft of vehicle or a direct hit by a rocket. All troops outside the vehicle and within 10 ft, when hit are also dead (but can be medic-ed).

o Vehicles cannot move if troops are within 10 ft. At bleed out, everyone must clear away from the vehicle

o BBs cannot kill a vehicle nor its occupants (DO NOT FIRE BBS AT VEHICLES) o Staff vehicles are used for game mechanics and cannot be killed. “DO NOT SHOOT BBS OR ANY OTHER ORDNANCE AT STAFF VEHICLES”
o LIVE vehicles can transport “Dead” players back to their CCPs (ENCOURAGED TO DO SO)

Command and Signal

Communications will be by UHF/FRS radio. The following Signals Operating

Instructions are in effect:


Staff Channels/Frequencies

FRS 1 462.5625

FRS 2 462.5875



WESTERN COALITION Assigned Channels/Frequencies

Channel Frequency

FRS 3 462.6125

FRS 4 462.6375

FRS 5 462.6625

FRS 6 462.6875

FRS 7 462.7125

FRS 8 467.5625

FRS 9 467.5875

FRS 10 467.6125

FRS 11 467.6375

FRS 12 467.6625



EASTERN EMPIRE Assigned Channels/Frequencies

Channel Frequency

FRS 13 467.6875

FRS 14 467.7125

GMRS 15 462.5500

GMRS 16 462.5750

GMRS 17 462.6000

GMRS 18 462.6250

GMRS 19 462.6500

GMRS 20 462.6750

GMRS 21 462.7000

GMRS 22 462.7250

Service and Support:

Refer to Event Oporder for Additional Questions. 


NO REFUNDS. Refunds only to MILITARY SERVICE MEMBERS WHO HAVE DUTY! Tickets are transferable into another players name if sold. Email the name of the person who purchased your ticket, email them the ticket confirmation, They must print and bring with them to the event for check in. 

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