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A retelling of the 8 year conflict

Ah, the history of this long war, starting back in 2009, granted this is a merging of all "Official" histories of this long conflict, the Karankawa Government facing an oil and other natural resources embargo by the Allied Nations due to KFORCE operations to expand it's trade with neutral countries, as well as it's own dwindling domestic reserves, the Karankawa government decided to execute a plan developed by the military branch led by it's Military High Command to bomb and invade the Allied naval base and Oil storage in the Oso Basin, thereby bringing on the first Allied/Karankawa War.

The invasion was stopped on the Oso Basin beaches in 2009, and a UN truce was declared. But it wasn't to last.

Our storylines

August 20, 2017


TCA Staff

A retelling of the 8 year conflict

The invasion was stopped on the Oso Basin beaches in 2009, and a UN truce was declared. But it wasn't to last.

 In 2010, the Allies seeing a Karankawa threat to their southeastern flank in the AO Islander Region, conducted a limited military invasion to seize AO ISLANDER to prevent KFORCES from emplacing medium range bombers and missiles. KFORCEs seeing this act of aggression, moved troops into the AO ISLANDER region, the resulting clash ended in a victory for the Allies but at a high cost. Once again a UN truce was agreed to and the area was demilitarized. A second operation, Trenchknife was executed, but the results were the same.

2011, saw tension raise as political struggles in Karankawa caused Allied Forces to attempt to support a possible coup, this was incorrect, as KFORCE defense forces rallied against the invaders and stopped them cold on one of the Victoria Islands. The stopped Allied Invasion was a tragic military failure at the strategic level even though there were several on the ground successes. 2012, the Allied setback in 2011 set the stage for a massive KFORCE invasion of the Allies' East Coast, KFORCEs landed troops by sea and air on the Allied mainland, and even though seizing a barrier island and making some gains on the mainland, the Allies held out. The toehold on the mainland was held by the KFORCEs setting the stage for a counteroffensive by the Allies in 2013.

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